Scale your business with DARS

DARS is a comprehensive solution for working with digital assets for your business. Launch the marketplace, backoffice, referral program, CRM on the blockchain today.

  • Referral Program Designer
  • Automation of payment acceptance and bonus payments on the blockchain
  • Marketplace
  • Consulting on the creation of a referral system
  • Personal accounts for clients and partners
  • Tokenization of business
  • Writing smart contracts

DARS features

For B2C companies that use loyalty programs or referral programs, for whom speed, low commissions, instant work with clients in different countries are important.


Instant purchases and bonus payments regardless of the country of presence. Both the company and the user receive their funds instantly and automatically.


The most popular and secure crypto wallets become your login key. This ensures the safety of user and company funds.

Fault tolerance

Using the best infrastructure solutions on the market ensures the stability of the system.

Liquidity and Popularity of Binance Smart Chain

The main advantages of which are almost instantaneous transactions, low commission fees, fast block generation (less than 1 second) and the ability to withstand high loads. It attracts millions of users from all over the world and causes billions of dollars of daily turnover.


DARS runs on smart contacts. This is your guarantee of fulfillment of obligations to partners and users. At the time of the purchase of any product, part of the funds is automatically reserved by a smart contract for paying bonuses to the affiliate network, the rest is distributed to the accounts of the company or product supplier.


Thanks to smart contracts, transaction costs are no longer equal to the cost of the transactions themselves. You do not pay commissions to payment systems that can be unstable and charge from 6% to 15% per transaction.

Referral program constructor

Create your own marketing plan using modules from the DARS library. Use the modules in hundreds of combinations by simply adding one after the other. You can create a company with your own hands.

Module Library

You don't need to be a programmer, we have created customizable bonus options. Each of them is accurate and tested over the years, and at the same time has settings that allow you to create an individual compensation plan.


There is no need to do the work twice, optimizing cabinet design for different devices. Your cabinets will automatically look good on smartphones, tablets and computers. We have worked through each block so that the creation of an adaptive cabinet is elementary.


You receive cabinets, system letters and notifications in almost any language of the world. All you have to do is tweak it to suit your project. A convenient and step-by-step interface that allows you to do everything quickly and get immediate feedback.

Variable user path

The user path is configured in accordance with business logic and the need to accept agreements and offers, as well as the possibility of separating the backoffice and the selling agent.

Synchronization with external services

Authorization and user-friendly use of integrated projects.


Instant notification of the user about accruals, registrations, distribution of service notifications and news.


Automatic access and disabling access to channels and chats with unique project content for your clients, depending on their roles and statuses in the project.

Digital assets

Instant crediting of digital assets with their own business logic (tokenomics) to users' wallets.

Statistics and reports

Modular and customizable reporting options for the user database, all transactions, accruals and payments.

White label

Your design, logo, corporate colors. Our technologies under your name. Customization. Individualization of the project to deviate from competitors. Implementation of a marketing plan of any complexity for your tasks.

What does DARS give you?

  • Cross

    Solving problems with payment systems and blocking funds

  • World

    Work all over the world

  • Link


  • Time

    High speed of project launch

  • Brush

    Modern design

  • Security

    Technical support

  • Love

    Security and transparency of transactions

  • Message

    Trust of customers and partners

DARS is great for working in the B2C segment

  • 01For business

    DARS is a ready-made ecosystem for local and international business development using digital assets and smart contracts.

  • 02For customers

    DARS is a secure user path with a user-friendly interface for personal accounts.